Welcome to Movie Poster Critic.

This blog is dedicated to the analysis of movie posters (old and new) with the intention of identifying the main selling points of a movie through a single image, or series of images. Some posters are fantastic, while others are awful and misleading, but why is this?

A movie poster often speaks volumes for a marketing team's confidence (or lack of) in a film project. Designing one may be a fine art, but so many posters underwhelm and ultimately miss their target demographic entirely, leaving a potentially profitable film struggling for scraps.

An engaging poster is just as vital as an exciting trailer, but for entirely different reasons. Therefore, this blog will have a particular focus on the psychological reasoning and influence behind the entire poster design. Whether it's the use of specific colours or the coherence of the tagline, a focus on the stars or a genre-related theme, it's all there for a reason, good or bad.

This is all pretty niche stuff, but if you've taken the time to check it out...

Thank You!


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