Monday, 4 November 2013

New I, Frankenstein Poster Released

A few months ago I wrote an article about a rather decent start to the I, Frankenstein marketing campaign. Sadly, it seems that any enthusiasm for the movie seems to have evaporated in recent weeks and the they've churned out this very average poster (see right).

If we base our enthusiasm for this movie on this one-sheet, well... we wouldn't have any. It's not only generic, it quite effectively unravels all of their early good work on this marketing campaign.

There seems to be an emphasis on scope (and a far away aerial threat!) that fails to entice any emotional response, largely due to the fact that it's all occurring very far away.

There is no immediate threat and when coupled with the fact that our protagonist, Adam (Aaron Eckhart) seems comfortable watching from a distance, it all seems very underwhelming.

This poster is cliched and tells us nothing about the story. Our hero is evidently inconsequential to the events of the narrative, given the (lack of) attention and focus afforded him. Additionally, although the threat is numerous, it is faceless and therefore it gives us nothing to fear.

Why are they flying above the city?

What is their purpose?

Are they lost?

Additionally, the tagline is not only baffling, but downright lazy! It reads:

"200 years later. He's still alive"

I'm assuming this is a statement, but there also seems to be an element of surprise and confusion mixed in there. It's safe to assume that the tagline is referring to Adam, but surely this statement isn't the most interesting aspect of the movie? If it is, I, Frankenstein will be bland.

It's as though everyone involved with this movie has simply given up already.

Unfortunately, the character posters (which are much stronger!) won't receive as much exposure as this one, consequently there is a huge amount of dependence resting on its effectiveness and ability to excite audiences.

Sadly, I think there'll be more enthusiasm for a plate of spinach.

I, Frankenstein is due for release in January 2014.

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