Sunday, 20 October 2013

Facepalm Movie Marketing

For every great movie poster, there are nine that disappoint, but occasionally one emerges that (unintentionally) stands head and shoulders above the rest... in terms of incompetence.

When this happens, it is common practice for film aficionados to truly fear for the future of the industry. This is even more poignant when considering that these are supposedly ''leading industry professionals'' who designed and approved this image...  none of which seemed to notice the glaring and unforgivable mistake on this poster.

So, here it is...

Now, at a first glance you'll be forgiven for wondering what is wrong with this poster. It seems to have everything from bright, eye-catching colours and an intriguing title to fairly recognisable stars.

But look closer...

Ironically, the glaring, unforgivable error is actually linked by the intriguing title and the stars, and once you notice it, the entire image (and possibly your interest in the movie) is ruined!

It's just irritating.

The film's title - Girl Most Likely... - is an open-ended sentence that can be applied to all four characters, each having their own answer.

However, focus on these two segments and it's easy to discover exactly what is wrong:

Girl Most Likely...

I could go into a deep and meaningful analysis about this poster, but what's the point when this image speaks for itself?

I've seen the trailer, they're definitely men. See for yourself.

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